We understand that chemotherapy treatment or any medical treatment for that matter can become a burden financially for any patient, but we also understand the impact that one shirt or one gift can have on someone going through life altering medical treatments. We aim to mitigate that cost by getting rid of it all together. 

The Donate One Program is something that we established in 2018 that allowed us to send out 100 Shirts to 100 Women across the country who were living with cancer and actively receiving treatment. The vision is simple. Support those going through treatment. Now the question is what is included just one sponsorship?

1 Sponsorship to the Donate One Program Includes:

  • $5 donated to cancer research or cancer foundations
  • 1 Yellow Threads Port Access Top
  • Your Name on our Positive Impact Wall
  • The positive feeling you get when you know you just brightened up someones day 

Below are some of the women positively impacted because of this program!

"Thank you so much!... Thank you for what you are doing and for your incredible generosity. My nurse today LOVED my shirt. She was impressed with the design and functionality, she wishes everyone could get one for chemo class. You all are doing amazing things! "-Stephanie

"This is such an amazing idea, now I don't have to change or wear a really low cut v-neck to go to chemo anymore. It feels so amazing to be able to go from chemo straight to work without changing. Get anyone going through chemo one of these shirts. It will make them feel awesome and normal while getting their chemotherapy"- Jen

"Thank you so much Yellow Threads Co. for my awesome top to wear to chemotherapy treatment. I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!" - Jessica

Its amazing to think how one person can make change someones life for the better. This is your moment to do just that. Thank you so much for considering to support the Donate One Program! We look forward to seeing your name on our Positive Impact Wall.

Many thanks,

Ashton & Brittany Harvey Founders of Yellow Threads Co.