About Yellow Threads Co.



Yellow Threads Co. was founded by husband and wife team Ashton and Brittany Harvey with the simple mission to instill hope and confidence into the lives of men, women and children living with cancer. They wanted to make the treatment process as simple and safe as possible for everyone involved wile also looking fashionable. Our mission as a company is to have every person wearing our product feels empowered to live a life defined by themselves, NOT by their cancer.

As an registered nurse in oncology, Brittany saw first hand the struggles that patients went through on a daily basis trying to find proper clothing that not only looked nice but also allowed access to their ports.  

"Patients would come in wearing low cut tops or baggy sweatshirts, things that they would not normally wear in every day life. They would end up tugging and pulling at their shirts so that I could access their port. I thought why hasn't anybody come up with a fashionable and stylish tops that could be worn in every day life, and also serve the purpose of allowing a nurse access to their port? That's how Yellow Threads was started"- Brittany Harvey

We aim to bring a sense of normalcy into a patients life in a time of confusion and uncertainty. Going through Chemotherapy or any long term infusion process is already tough enough. We want to be able to make dressing for chemo a positive process. Just because you don't feel good doesn't mean you cant look GREAT! 

We also believe in the power of giving back so we made it our mission to donate $200,000 by December 31st 2021. For every item purchased, $5 will be donated to cancer research and cancer foundations that are dedicated to finding a cure and enriching the lives of people living with cancer.

Meet the Team

Brittany Harvey- Founder/CEO

Brittany is the Founder and CEO of Yellow Threads Co. She is also currently an oncology nurse who has been in the field for over 5 years. Brittany has been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the story of some of the most amazing and inspirational people battling cancer. She finds her passion in educating and making sure patients have the resources needed to combat the side effects of treatment, and make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

“When I designed the initial prototype the whole goal was to decrease stress and increase self-esteem on treatment day. “- Brittany Harvey

As a nurse she strives to take away the stresses that come along with the diagnosis of cancer. Through Yellow Threads Co. she aims to continued to make a positive impact in the cancer community inside and out of the clinic.

Ashton Harvey- Co-Founder/CMO/ COO

Ashton got his start in the medical field working in the industry for over 5 years specializing in orthopedics. Understanding that he wanted to make a greater impact outside of the clinic he decided to become a John Maxwell Leadership Coach and Trainer.

He started teaching business owners and sales professionals the power of achieving significant through developing a givers mindset. His Significant E.D.G.E Program gave him the opportunity to work with and learn from hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, and sales professionals from across the country.

Now, Ashton is looking forward to working side by side with his amazing wife Brittany, and utilize the skills he has learned in sales and marketing to grow a business that will impact millions of people. 


Alissa Leahi- Lead Resource/ Content Writer

Alissa is a Resiliency Coach who teaches breast cancer patients how to draw on their inner wisdom and be warrior-goddess survivors. At age 39, while navigating an unexpected divorce, Alissa was diagnosed with breast cancer and thyroid cancer. Rebuilding physically, emotionally, and financially took more courage than she thought possible.

Today, Alissa shares the tools and techniques that kept her strong and positive every step of the way. She is surviving and thriving by helping women reconnect with their inner warrior, artist, and exhibitionist.

Alissa Leahi is the creative force behind: Tattoobie - Temporary Body Art for Breast Cancer Survivors, and Topless Goddess - Mentorship for Women Undergoing Breast Surgery.

We are so excited to have Alissa on the team to help inspire, encourage, and educate you through your journey. Email Alissa at alissa@alissaleahi.com to schedule an Inspired Survivor Discovery Session where you can safely share what has been lost to breast cancer, identify body image blocks that keep women hiding, and get recommendations on how to go from wounded to warrior-goddess.


Together they are excited to bring to you these new innovative products that will improve the way people living with cancer go through treatment and live their lives.