Blue Striped Port Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder
Blue Striped Port Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder

Blue Striped Port Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder

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Blue Striped-Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder

If you are fed up with constant shirt tugging and pulling when accessing your port or you’re tired of wearing baggy sweatshirts or low cut tops every time you go for chemo treatments, then this Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder shirt is just perfect for you. Click Order now and make your treatment process simpler and safer than ever before


At Yellow Threads, we design Women’s Shirts that will empower you to live life on your terms and not be defined by your diagnosis…

Here’s how…

  • A nice flowy design to allow for devices on the abdomen
  • Long sleeves keep the cold in the doctor’s office and winter coldness away
  • Our soft and stretchy design allows for comfort and movement while sitting
  • Dress up in fashionable and stylish ladies’ tops and look great every time you step out
  • Button access on right and left to provide accessibility to either side during check-ups or treatments

Click Order now and Make Your Days Count!

  • MAKES CHEMO TREATMENTS SIMPLER… easy to use button and loop on the right & left allows easy access for nurses and medical professionals
  • ENJOY ALL DAY WEAR… A soft and stretchy jersey knit fabric design ensures you’ll get maximum comfort while you have this Long Sleeve shirt on
  • OFFERS MORE PRIVACY… We’ve designed our Long Sleeve Tops to offer full coverage so you won’t feel insecure as you go about your day to day tasks; keeps you warm too
  • STYLISH AND TRENDY… our chic and luxurious design makes this Ladies shirt blend perfectly with your outfit for the day; gives that gorgeous outfit finish
  • SHOW HER YOU CARE… Get your special loved one this Cold Shoulder shirt and remind her of your love; Comes in stunning colours and patterns that make the perfect chemo or cancer gift for women